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 Our Christian Bible Lessons Online will explain to you how God sees, treats and regards you now that you are in Christ. Learn the truth about what God your Father says about the real you. These     exciting lessons will cleanse your conscience, free you from self, dead works and give you the truth to defeat the devil and all of his false accusations every time. All lessons are taught by former Radio Evangelist and founder of Scriptures, Rosario Abate.

"We asked  Rosario to host our daily talk radio Get a Life (taken from 1 John 5:12) because we knew he had the gift of teaching the gospel in an easy to understand format that edifies all who listen. We were proud to have him as our host and we positive that all members of Scriptures4us will love his monthly teaching lessons."

Get a Life Ministries, Inc.


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April 2021

Abiding in Christ  #9709 - "How to Abide in Christ"

March 2021

Only One Righteousness  #9711  - "God GIVES us his righteousness?

February 2021

God's Unspeakable Gift  #9710  - "What God gives us when we are saved?


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